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  • Our customers are local companies and family businesses that are willing to develop the international industry and seek support to start exporting to face external competence; subsequently the company increases the number of customers and volume taking profit of scale economies. With our experience as change agents we guide and go along with the companies in the evolution process to be successful in an international environment.


    Companies’ internationalization can take several years. It is necessary not only to change procedures and activities but also to develop employees and company culture. Our customers can decide how and when to face the change selecting part of the modules we offer.

    • BASIC MODULE. The basic module works with the following areas, company study, market study, competence study and targeting of exporting countries.
    • SUPPORT MODULE. Activities oriented to marketing, sale and promotion in the target countries.
    • INTERNATIONALIZATION MODULE. Follow up program oriented to capacitate company employees in the different departments to international business administration.
    • TECHNICAL STAFF DEVELOPMENT MODULE. By specific training and mentoring.
    • MANGEMENT DEVELOPMENT MODULE. By specific training and coaching.
    • STRATEGIC PLANNIG MODULE.  Oriented to market segmentation and company positioning once the export tasks have started.
    • TAILOR MADE MODULES. Specific programs oriented to improve professional competences.
    • If you are interested in our internationalization or development service please contac us.


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