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  • International companies need to select professionals for production, quality, supervision, administration and management in the following sectors: energy, manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail, medical assistance, engineering, equipment and installations maintenance among others.
  • We search the worker that best fits into the company needs. Danish and German companies need qualified personal they cannot find in their country. By being in contact with the companies Talent HR assets you about the job that fits with your experience and qualifications bearing in mind market needs. We also include you in selection processes abroad and we support you with bureaucracy and adaptation to your new home.
  • Talent HR collaborates with companies in Denmark and Germany dedicated to providing employees to companies in those countries, and to support you in the first days in the new country to assure a successful adaptation with the following modules.


    The people are the most valuable asset in a company. An adequate selection, training, development and induction program assures making most of people capacities in other to reach company goals.

    • ORIENTATION MODULE. International employment assessment. Every person is unique; we interview candidates to figure out capacities, competences, attitude and wiliness to fit into the company vacancy profile.
    • INDUCTION MODULE. Specific induction program for the chosen country. You have to be very aware of the challenges for working abroad and very sure of the decision, by following our introspective analysis workshop you will be better equipped for changing the difficulties into opportunities.
    • FOSTERING MODULE. Specific and relevant workshops about foreign country adaptation. What is working and living in the new country going to be like? You can save time by following our fostering module to figure out practical information about the new country.
    • WELCOMING MODULE. Personal support for the selected country. It is very important when taking a new job in a different country that you have the opportunity to contact someone when needed to coach you into the new situation.


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